7 Keys To A Great Hire Every Time

7 Keys To A Great Hire Every TimeIt’s easy for a candidate to take their college resume-building skills and crank the dial to overdrive with the perfect buzzwords to reflect positively about them. But what happens when you hire solely based on the words on a paper? Even worse, what if their written credentials are backed by a glowing phone conversation? You quickly can have the wool pulled over your eyes and blindly hire someone who is not the best fit for your company and its culture.

In a recent story highlighted in the Harvard Business Review by former HR Executive and current think tank and consulting firm CEO, Liz Ryan, a conversation she had with a friend who was hiring for a vice president position was featured. Her friend spoke of how he was dazzled by the candidate’s resume, which perfectly outlined why he was a great fit for the position. Even more impressive, he said all the right things on the phone, but when he flew the candidate out to their headquarters to formally meet and introduce them to their company and its leaders, he was shocked by how sharply opposite the candidate presented himself in person. He was disappointed by his appearance, attitude, and knew instantly that hiring this person would cause his employees and clients to jump ship. He was caught between not wanting to throw away the investment in getting the candidate to this point in the hiring process, which included substantial travel expenses, and jeopardizing current company culture and clients’ positive feelings towards the company. If he had asked the right questions in the initial interview he wouldn’t have been in this position in the first place.

Ryan’s advice was particularly sound. She said that he need not think about the interview process as a poor reflection on him and his budget for hiring, but rather as a lesson learned and money saved (in the long run). In reality, any investment in human capital recruitment is a positive investment when done properly, including investment in an executive search firm such as TD Madison & Associates.

What are the keys to a great hire?
Using our multi-pronged methodology, we separate the wheat from the chaff by taking the elements of the right hire and the power of alignment and doing the research and asking the questions that need to be asked. We dig deep into our candidates’ personalities, visions, and goals, to be sure that they align with the mission of the organization and that they would fit into the existing structure.

As a candidate, it is easy to persuade a company that you can fulfill the basic traits of management. In executive recruitment; however, the bigger picture needs to be taken into consideration and the candidate needs to reflect that their vision and strategy is in best alignment of the overall mission and trajectory of the organization.7 Keys To A Great Hire