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Building A Culture Of Technical Fluency For Your Organization

In 2005, Eastman Kodak recorded revenues of over $14 billion. In 2012, the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. What went wrong? In a nutshell, the storied film manufacturer failed to foresee the dominance of digital photography. Kodak watched helplessly as its dominant position was eroded. Could history have been different? I think so, but […]

The Four Step Strategy to Creating a Great Executive Candidate Experience

What is the candidate experience and why does it matter? The candidate experience is best described as the combination of feelings, impressions and perceptions that the candidate assimilates during the recruitment process. It is a given that to retain the best talent, the workplace experience must be compelling; but to attract that talent, the hiring […]

The Executive Search Process

So how do we do it? We start with a business. The common misconception is that we work with job candidates to place them, when, rather, we work with businesses to find the perfect candidate for their new and/or open position. Before we can start looking for the right person, we work to understand the […]

7 Keys To A Great Hire Every Time

It’s easy for a candidate to take their college resume-building skills and crank the dial to overdrive with the perfect buzzwords to reflect positively about them. But what happens when you hire solely based on the words on a paper? Even worse, what if their written credentials are backed by a glowing phone conversation? You […]

Does Size Matter: Choosing Your Executive Search Firm

It’s the age-old question that we’ve all probably encountered in our lives at one point or the other. Does size matter? Well, it depends on who you’re speaking to or what it is you’re speaking of, but there will be varying opinions on the subject, that’s for sure.

The High Demand And Low Supply Of Talent In Technical Industries

35% of more than 38,000 employers cited difficulty hiring for positions due to lack of available talent. The struggle many employers face to fill roles with talented individuals is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Why has the demand for executive talent become harder to fill?

STEM: The War For Engineering Talent

STEM Facts: (“STEMtistics”) 80% – Jobs requiring technical skills set in the next decade 6% – 9th graders in the U.S. choosing a STEM degree 45% – 2011 U.S. high school graduates who are ready for college level math 30% – 2011 U.S. high school graduates who are ready for college level science 38% – students who start with a […]

The War For Talent: Candidate Experience

How good is your candidate experience? Questions WHY – would I want to work here? WHAT- is the culture like? What information do they need from me? WHO – works here? HOW – long will it take me to get through this application process? How long will it take to hear back from them?

The War For Big Data Talent

Big Data 90% of Total World Data Has been created just within the past two years 75% of Companies Will increase investments in Big Data within next year 59% of Organizations Lack the tools required to manage their data 38% of Organizations Don’t understand what Big Data really means