The Executive Search Process

So how do we do it?

We start with a business.

The common misconception is that we work with job candidates to place them, when, rather, we work with businesses to find the perfect candidate for their new and/or open position. Before we can start looking for the right person, we work to understand the role, the organization’s unique culture, mission, and vision for the future. Without a thorough understanding of all that is unique to the business, we can’t successfully align a person whose individual skills, characteristics, and vision will drive those visions and missions forward. (more…)

7 Keys To A Great Hire Every Time

7 Keys To A Great Hire Every TimeIt’s easy for a candidate to take their college resume-building skills and crank the dial to overdrive with the perfect buzzwords to reflect positively about them. But what happens when you hire solely based on the words on a paper? Even worse, what if their written credentials are backed by a glowing phone conversation? You quickly can have the wool pulled over your eyes and blindly hire someone who is not the best fit for your company and its culture. (more…)

TD Madison Places Chris Bastian As SCTE’s Senior Vice President & CTO

TD Madison Places Chris Bastian As SCTE’s Senior Vice President & CTOVirginia Beach, Va., December 8, 2015 – TD Madison & Associates, an executive search firm, announces the placement of Chris Bastian as the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ (SCTE) new CTO and Senior Vice President. After extensive exploration and research into the cable and telecommunications technology industries across the country, TD Madison & Associates was able to determine that Bastian, a leader in the cable industry, was the ideal candidate for the (more…)

Does Size Matter: Choosing Your Executive Search Firm

It’s the age-old question that we’ve all probably encountered in our lives at one point or the other. Does size matter? Well, it depends on who you’re speaking to or what it is you’re speaking of, but there will be varying opinions on the subject, that’s for sure. (more…)

Future Forward At CTHRA

Future Forward At CTHRAThe theme of the this year’s upcoming Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association (CTHRA) HR Symposium, Future Forward, strikes a particular chord with us. What does it mean to be future forward? For us, and for our clients, it’s aligning executive growth beyond just the present and finding the perfect solution for the future and forward. (more…)


Shout out to the Most Influential Minorities in Cable as showcased in CableFAX’s Diversity issue.

Special congratulations to all of the recipients, including leaders, influential, techies, and the EMMAs.


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The Evolution Of The C-Suite

It’s not about being creative or quirky, it’s simply that new executive titles are quickly emerging. The volatility of the economic climate in the past decade has resulted in many changes to the business and economic landscape. Disruptions to the organizational structure includes changes in the C-Suite as businesses adapt to emerging technologies and the resulting leadership requirements. (more…)

SCTE 2015: Take Tech Talent To The Next Level

Take Tech Talent To The Next Level

Join us for SCTE’s Cable-Tec Expo®
October 13-16, 2015
New Orleans, LA

The SCTE’s Cable-Tec Expo focuses on the exchange of technical knowledge and provides an enormous opportunity for thousands of cable and engineering professionals to discover and learn the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. We are excited to be attending and are looking forward the opportunity to create new strategic relationships with industry leaders and technology executives. (more…)

TD Madison Places Reni Gorman as SCTE’s First Vice President, Learning & Development

Virginia Beach, VA, July 22, 2015 — Executive search firm, TD Madison & Associates, announces the placement of Reni Gorman as the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ (SCTE) first Vice President, Learning and Development. Through extensive research into the learning and development communities of technology industries throughout the U.S., TD Madison & Associates identified Gorman, an award-winning expert in performance improvement and learning strategies, as an outstanding contender for the position. The placement signifies a major step in the SCTE’s unprecedented expansion of its industry-leading education and certification capabilities, currently serving well over 20,000 members. (more…)

The High Demand And Low Supply Of Talent In Technical Industries

The High Demand And Low Supply Of Talent In Technical Industries35% of more than 38,000 employers cited difficulty hiring for positions due to lack of available talent. The struggle many employers face to fill roles with talented individuals is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Why has the demand for executive talent become harder to fill? (more…)