The War For Data Talent Invades The HR Department

I attended an event recently where the topic was The Power of Data. A moderated panel provided a lively and very informative discussion about how data drives a vision of economic and technical innovation in their organizations; how data can be a true game changer. I came away from that meeting with a lot of information, numbers, predictions and even warnings. One of the panelists said something that stuck with me, and as I recall she said it several times during that discussion: “Done is better than perfect.” What she meant was that companies have to do something; they cannot wait until everyone is comfortable with big data because by then it will be too late. Plenty of data is coming in. But collecting it and storing it is just a step. The data has to be analyzed so that it can be used in an actionable way that drives desired business outcomes. “Done is better than perfect.” It reminded me of the classic response to someone who says she or he isn’t ready to have a baby yet: “Oh, but if you wait until you are ready, you’ll never have one…” (more…)

Uncovering Leadership

Uncovering talent and leadership can be a daunting task for an average company to undergo. The complexity of the business environment makes the notion of a leader being an expert irrelevant, as no one can truly be an expert in every area that requires expertise. Instead, there is a shift in emphasis to develop leaders that lead in a different way – and that is via innovation. According to Linda Hill, the Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, “Innovation is almost always a collective process, the harnessing of the creative talents of a diverse group. Making such a process work is something I call leadership as collective genius.” This style of innovation allows leaders to both unleash and harness team members’ creativity. (more…)

STEM: The War For Engineering Talent

STEM Facts:


80% – Jobs requiring technical skills set in the next decadeSTEM: The War For Engineering Talent

6% – 9th graders in the U.S. choosing a STEM degree

45% – 2011 U.S. high school graduates who are ready for college level math

30% – 2011 U.S. high school graduates who are ready for college level science

38% – students who start with a STEM major do not graduate with one

>50% – of U.S. patents in 2009 were awarded to non-U.S. companies because STEM shortcomings are forcing a hold on innovation (more…)

The War For Talent Retention

CEO Survey Says…

The War For Talent Retention

29% – that the inability to find needed talent is impacting strategic investments; have to cancel or delay new initiatives

77% – are concerned about the unavailability of key skills

60% – that the skills gap makes it harder to fill jobs (more…)

The War For Talent: Candidate Experience

How good is your candidate experience?


WHY – would I want to work here?The War For Talent: Candidate Experience

WHAT- is the culture like?

What information do they need from me?

WHO – works here?

HOW – long will it take me to get through this application process?

How long will it take to hear back from them? (more…)

The War For Executive Talent – New Titles On The Rise

New Titles on the Rise

CDOThe War For Executive Talent - New Titles On The Rise

Chief Data Officer

Chief Digital Officer


Chief Innovation Officer


Chief Privacy Officer

Chief Procurement Officer (more…)

The War For Big Data Talent

Big Data

90% of Total World DataThe War For Big Data Talent

Has been created just within the past two years

75% of Companies

Will increase investments in Big Data within next year

59% of Organizations

Lack the tools required to manage their data

38% of Organizations

Don’t understand what Big Data really means (more…)