The Executive Search Process

So how do we do it?

We start with a business.

The common misconception is that we work with job candidates to place them, when, rather, we work with businesses to find the perfect candidate for their new and/or open position. Before we can start looking for the right person, we work to understand the role, the organization’s unique culture, mission, and vision for the future. Without a thorough understanding of all that is unique to the business, we can’t successfully align a person whose individual skills, characteristics, and vision will drive those visions and missions forward.

Then we initiate a comprehensive search.

The candidates we find to be a good fit for our client’s leadership teams already have jobs. We look carefully into their background, industry experience, and success in leadership roles. Do their experiences demonstrate vision and drive? Do they have the personality traits that support the opportunity? We travel all over the country to be proactive in the search for the perfect person, rather than waiting for interested candidates to come to the business and sifting through resumes that don’t necessarily tell you anything about the person applying.

Next we reach out.

Ideal candidates are contacted about positions that we feel they are well-suited for, but there is still a lot of work left to do. If they are interested, we will use our tried-and-true Behavioral-Based Interviewing method and our 7 Point Leadership Model. Our goal is to: 7-Point Leadership Model

  • Learn the client’s business objectives and corporate culture
  • Identify well-qualified candidates in a timely manner
  • Determine the candidate’s skills and key behavioral traits using the Leadership Model
  • Determine best fit for a given opportunity
  • Provide documented feedback to the client

We conduct extensive interviews in the final stages of placing a candidate. We hold a panel interview made up of the search committee. They ask questions, typically about how the candidate would handle current situations and/or opportunities if they were to be in the role. This process helps delineate between a good hire and a great fit.

Our full process offers 97% predictability of an individual’s long term performance in a given position.