The War For Big Data Talent

Big Data

90% of Total World DataThe War For Big Data Talent

Has been created just within the past two years

75% of Companies

Will increase investments in Big Data within next year

59% of Organizations

Lack the tools required to manage their data

38% of Organizations

Don’t understand what Big Data really means

No longer obscure:

Data Talent is in critical short supply

140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytic skills as well as 1.5M Managers will be needed by 2018 to fill jobs in Big Data (source:  McKinsey).  Data is now a Strategic Corporate Asset.

Many organizations are separating the data function’s reporting lines out of IT and into the business side, the goal being to manage and use data strategically.

What to do?

Data is fast becoming its own vertical.  Recruitment (and retention) of critical data talent is now a key part of a company’s efforts to define and implement ways to connect the data strategy to the business strategy.

Where is the best data talent right now?

Research shows that finance, followed by telecommunications, is leading from the front. Candidates with advanced degrees in data or analytics are preferred by over 60% of companies now vs. just five years ago.  New positions are being added to organizational charts at all levels.

The competition for this talent is fierce and as more industries gain big data momentum, the client demand will continue to outpace the supply.

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