The War For Talent: Candidate Experience

How good is your candidate experience?


WHY – would I want to work here?The War For Talent: Candidate Experience

WHAT- is the culture like?

What information do they need from me?

WHO – works here?

HOW – long will it take me to get through this application process?

How long will it take to hear back from them?

46% of Candidates surveyed rate their application experience as “Poor” or “Very Poor”

64% will share their experience with that company via social media

If you google “war for talent” you’ll get over four and a half million results in less than three tenths of a second.  Yet many employers still equate higher unemployment numbers with an abundance of candidates.  It should be like shooting fish in a barrel, right?

But it isn’t working out that way.  Critical talent is still in scarce supply – at all levels – and positions are remaining open.  The best talent, the most desirable candidates are very aware that they have choices.  So the question is – what are you doing to get that talent before your competition does?

It can (and does) start with the candidate experience.  This does not refer to just an entry level, respond-to-a-job-posting-on-Monster process.

Customers, Business Partners, Referrals

Job applicants come from many sources, including customers (current and prospective), business partners, investors, referrals from employees, friends and family.  It isn’t just the un- and under-employed looking at opportunities with your company.  The senior vice president candidate presented by your retained search firm is also going through a “candidate experience.”  What is the message of your employer brand?  Are you in control of that message?

Start thinking of “Candidates” as “Customers” – and treat them that way

  • Be welcoming and courteous:  well written job posting, acknowledge applicant and say thanks – easily done with an autoresponder
  • Provide information: steps of process, timeline if possible
  • Maintain momentum:  good talent doesn’t stay available for long – be prepared to act
  • Follow up accordingly:  even the rejected candidate deserves a notification

As the saying goes – “a little courtesy can go a long way…”

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