Uncovering Leadership

Uncovering talent and leadership can be a daunting task for an average company to undergo. The complexity of the business environment makes the notion of a leader being an expert irrelevant, as no one can truly be an expert in every area that requires expertise. Instead, there is a shift in emphasis to develop leaders that lead in a different way – and that is via innovation. According to Linda Hill, the Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, “Innovation is almost always a collective process, the harnessing of the creative talents of a diverse group. Making such a process work is something I call leadership as collective genius.” This style of innovation allows leaders to both unleash and harness team members’ creativity.

A great example of uncovering innovative leadership is demonstrated in one of our recent projects. We engaged with a cable technology company looking to find an experienced technical expert and leader who could manage, lead, and inspire from within their organization, as well as take on a more expansive and influential role in the industry-at-large.

To kick things off, we worked closely with the company and outlined the specific requirements for the position, including skill set, culture, and company objectives. It was further articulated that the individual selected needed to have an extensive technology background to successfully and strategically lead the organization to attain committed goals and objectives while simultaneously managing the technical operational budget and resources. Finding a candidate with the ideal background and expertise would be key, but it was not the be-all-end-all. Just as important was the need to find someone who would lead through innovation.

Our team developed a customized search strategy, harvesting a list of individuals whom possessed the qualifications at hand within the necessitated geographic location. Personal reach was then made to each individual on the list to learn more, explore mutual level of interest, and assess experience and career goals.

From there, our team evaluated each candidate’s logical background of industry experiences that could support the position. Relying on Behavior-Based Interviewing (BBI) and our 7 Point Leadership Model, we assessed each candidate to measure their performance, as well as predict how they would fit the position. BBI was also used when interviewing references. We narrowed the search by contrasting resume factors with how the candidate would fit and contribute to the company’s innovative leadership goals.

After arriving at a very small subset of candidates for consideration, multiple members of our team independently interviewed and met with each candidate face-to-face – spending on average over 17 hours with each. From there, candidates were then asked to meet with and make a specified presentation to the hiring company’s search team of three individuals. Relying on the presentation’s success, the search committee’s input, and our team’s findings, recommendations were made for which candidate would best fit the position.

This comprehensive and vigorous methodology for uncovering leadership was beneficial to the client as they were able to select a candidate not solely based on pure interviewing skills and resume credentials, but also by their actions, personality, and ability to lead via innovation. The cable technology company was able to focus on expanding their vision while simultaneously finding the right candidate.

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