What Is Staff Augmentation?

What Is Staff Augmentation?No business can afford to ignore the headlong pace of technological innovation. Every year, the technology landscape changes. It is evolving in ways that impact consumer and business behavior and the markets in which they interact.
Augmented and virtual reality, 5G networks, blockchain technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence — these are a few of the emerging technologies creating opportunities and challenges for any organization that does business in the cable, broadband, and networking space.

Companies that don’t take a proactive approach to technological innovation will be left behind. TD Madison specializes in helping businesses stay ahead of the curve with strategic recruitment, technical training, and staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation is the temporary addition of staff with specific qualifications and expertise to an existing team. It’s often necessary for businesses to incorporate expertise for short-term projects that don’t justify an executive hire or extensive training.

Temporarily outsourcing specialized positions provides organizations with the flexibility to integrate talent and ability as the need arises. TD Madison clients use staff augmentation to deploy professionals with experience in technologies adjacent to their business’s primary focus, to extend technological capabilities with deeper expertise, and to maximize workforce flexibility and productivity.

But staff augmentation presents its own challenges. Finding qualified professionals to bring on board is not easy. Integrating them with existing teams without impacting productivity often proves difficult.

That’s where TD Madison comes in. We are trusted by leaders in the cable and broadband industry because of our three-decade track record as a leading provider of staff augmentation solutions. Our massive database of qualified pre-vetted professionals allows us to discover the right people and integrate them with existing teams.

We succeed where many fail because we invest in understanding the needs and capabilities of both our clients and the candidates in our database.

On the client side, our staff augmentation experts have a deep experience in a variety of relevant industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, cyber security, defense contracting, and more. But every business and every team is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We work with our clients to assess the personality profiles, corporate culture, and technical needs of each team.

Every candidate in our database of technical experts is subjected to exhaustive personality and skills testing using our proprietary Leadership Model. Because we have a deep understanding of both the client and the candidate, we are able to match each client with the ideal candidates for their staff augmentation process.

Staff augmentation is a cost-efficient alternative to hiring. It gives businesses the flexibility and agility they need to react to changes in project requirements and the market. TD Madison’s battle-tested staff augmentation services empower organizations to outsource a potentially disruptive aspect of expertise acquisition to a partner with extensive experience and an unbeaten record.

Staff Augmentation:

Outsourcing high-quality technical expertise for short term projects allows for flexibility in commitment. Relying on our database of more than 10,000 top-level technical experts, we are able to help our clients find talent that fits their needs without compromising the expertise warranted.

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We align ourselves closely with our clients in order to properly identify their needs and source the solution no matter how small or large. Contact us to see how our professional services can help your company get ahead of the latest technologies e-mail or call dmadison@tdmadison.com or call 757.425.9950.