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“TD Madison & Associates is a trusted advisor, who understood our specific challenges and requirements. Their approach is extremely comprehensive and the TDM Panel process was a very compelling methodology that generated results that exceeded all expectations of key leadership team and stakeholders”
Drew Zogby, President/COO
Alpha Technologies

Executive Recruiting

Finding the right fit can be a time-consuming and expensive challenge. We make it easy for our clients by working closely with them to comprehensively understand their needs, objectives, and culture. From there, we rely on our premium search capabilities and existing database of over 10,000 leaders across the country with whom we’ve connected.

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TD Madison and Associates pioneered an innovative solution in the executive recruitment process that strives for optimal fit and long-term compatibility. Our full process offers 97% predictability of an individual’s long-term performance in a given position.

Using a number of highly specialized tools, TD Madison and Associates will analyze a particular candidate over a number of dimensions. The comprehensive approach incorporates performance-based interviewing and our Leadership Model as a guide for each search.

TD Madison and Associates personally interviews all candidates to validate credentials and assess organizational fit. The candidate is introduced to your organization with a well-crafted profile that details résumé and performance factors, along with skill level and personality traits. While managing the process, we ensure consistency and a timely review.

Our process also includes structured panel interviews. Clients tell us that this is a very effective tool for streamlining the process and helping them to make more enlightened decisions. We also step in as an intermediary in tendering the offer, assisting the client and candidate with contract negotiations and addressing transition-related questions. When the client is ready to finalize a new hire, we provide background validation and reference summary.

TD Madison and Associates’ Executive Recruitment Essentials:

With over 10,000 leaders in our database and a 97% predictability rate, let us help you find the best fit for your company. Contact us.