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“TD Madison & Associates was instrumental in the search and recruitment for SCTE's first CTO and the assessment of critical characteristics to optimize job performance and alignment. As SCTE moves forward to build critical technical and operations skills, we hope to apply the great experience of Dean Madison in those areas as well."
Mark Dzuban, President/CEO

Our Services
The core of our services stems from our process, which combines performance-based interviewing with our 7 Point Leadership Model. By gathering information from candidates using performance-based interviewing methods, we can predict how well individuals fit specific positions. We ask “how” or “why” someone handled a past situation the way they did. Insight into past performance is highly predictive of future performance. To ensure validity, we also use performance-based interviewing in checking references.

In conjunction with performance-based interviewing, our Leadership Model further assesses candidates’ abilities in order to fulfill position requirements and identifies behavioral traits ideal to fit your company’s needs. Using this process, we can measure future performance of your team with 97% predictability. Only TD Madison and Associates can provide that “high definition” view needed to drive your company to the next level. To learn more about the primary services we provide, follow the links below:

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