Broadband Wireless, Cable, and Telecommunications Industry

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The Future Of Innovation In Wired And Wireless Broadband

Wired and wireless broadband are the foundation on which dozens of industries are built. As broadband technology, infrastructure, and software evolves, new avenues are opened for innovation and growth in areas as diverse as healthcare, smart cities and homes, artificial intelligence and machine learning, AR and VR, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, and the provision of fast and reliable connectivity to everyone, wherever they are.

The business opportunities are immense. The next wave of unicorn companies will use the infrastructure, hardware, and software created by the broadband and telecom industries to create life-enhancing products. The economic powerhouses of today built on wired home broadband, fiber optic networks, and wireless broadband to homes and mobile devices.

The unicorns of tomorrow will build on even faster wireless connectivity. 5G brings low-latency, low-power, high-bandwidth wireless broadband to mobile devices, smart devices, and fixed wireless broadband infrastructure. It is estimated that 5G will generate over half a trillion dollars in the next five years. To support 5G, new fiber-optic infrastructure, network protocols, and software are being built at an incredible pace.

To be at the forefront of technological innovation and growth in the telecoms, broadband, and cable industry, businesses must hire the best and the brightest to manage, to invent, and to lead.

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