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“TD Madison & Associates was instrumental in the search and recruitment for SCTE's first CTO and the assessment of critical characteristics to optimize job performance and alignment. As SCTE moves forward to build critical technical and operations skills, we hope to apply the great experience of Dean Madison in those areas as well."
Mark Dzuban, President/CEO

What We Do
Our multi-dimensional approach to human capital sets us apart; while our use of reliable and insightful assessment techniques leads us to the successful placement of top-performing individuals and the integration of solid executive teams.

TD Madison assessment processWe use a hybrid assessment process to measure candidate performance and achieve optimal placements. That process, which combines Behavioral-Based Interviewing (BBI) and our 7 Point Leadership Model, is the reason why TD Madison and Associates continues to be the sought after partner to so many companies.

Clients who rely on us to build cohesive teams foster corporate growth and profitability and are able to weather difficult market conditions. Our Firm’s human capital expertise extends to executive recruitment and team-building; strategic goal achievement through organizational re-design and the performance of in-depth human capital assessment before mergers and acquisitions.

Our Expertise
For 30 years, Dean Madison has provided retained executive recruitment services and organizational leadership consulting to Fortune 500 companies and emerging growth organizations worldwide. His focus and expertise coupled with the proven track record of our TD Madison & Associates team demonstrate the passion we possess, the level of commitment we attain, and the professionalism required to create, implement, and deliver quality results to our clients. For more about Dean Madison, click here.

Our Footprint
Although we serve a diverse group of industries, our primary footprint is in the cable and telecommunications sector. Recent completions include: CTO for the SCTE, VP/Chief of Technology for ATIS, and other executive technology leadership positions with MSOs and industry manufacturers. Please contact us for placement history and industry references.