Staff Augmentation

When your company needs to temporarily augment its staff with high-quality technical expertise and skills, TD Madison will find the perfect candidates to complement and extend the capabilities of your existing team.

TD Madison specializes in providing the technical expertise clients need, when they need it. With a unique network of over 10,000 skilled and experienced individuals, we’re able to supply professionals with a vast array of competencies and skills in fields as diverse as wireless and fiber network technology, 5g, WiFi, VR/AR/MR, machine learning and artificial intelligence, DOCSIS 3.1, and network security and privacy.

We provide technical staff augmentation services across a wide variety of industries, including cable and broadband, telecommunications, healthcare, defense contracting, cybersecurity, and more, with a focus on emerging technologies and standards.

Short-term projects often demand skillsets that fall outside of a business’s core competence, but are nevertheless necessary to fulfill its objectives. TD Madison’s staff augmentation solutions allow companies to bring technical expertise and skills to bear without the expense of a time-consuming recruitment process.

Unlike outsourcing, staff augmentation allows TD Madison clients to retain complete control of staff, processes, and outcomes.

It’s not enough for temporary staff to have the right skills and knowledge. They must also be able to integrate smoothly with the existing team and its culture, dynamic, and capabilities — TD Madison excels at finding the right people at the right time.

Fast And Effective Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation searches leverage a unique blend of industry knowledge and experience to ascertain:

  • The specific staffing requirements of the client, taking account of both the technology and skills demanded by the project and the culture and personality of the existing team.
  • A precise assessment of the candidate pool, informed by TD Madison’s highly effective performance and behavioral interviewing strategies.

TD Madison practices evidence-based recruitment, generating a refined high-definition representation of client needs and candidate capacities that allow us to predict future outcomes with 97% certainty.

In addition to identifying the ideal candidates, we conduct extensive background checks and can assist in negotiation between the client and the candidate.

Let us help you find that right person to supplement your project needs.